How To: Mermaid Princess Makeup

Try out this fun twist on the classic mermaid makeup look! Using only eyeshadow, you can create the illusion of shimmering scales on your cheekbones. For anyone searching for the perfect last minute Halloween costume, this one takes the cake.

A mermaid using a dinglehopper to comb her hair

1.) Start with your base makeup. Now is a good time to add foundation, concealer, and brows if you want. Mermaids have wet, dewy skin, so opt for a radiant foundation.

Step 1. Dewy base makeup

2.) Using a flat eyeshadow brush with a round tip, dip into Coast (shimmering turquoise) from the Musée Beauty Impressionism Palette and stamp the eyeshadow in a scale-like pattern on your face. Leave space for other colors!

Step 2. Begin stamping the eyeshadow on your cheeks

3.) Continue in the same method using other eyeshadow colors like Waterlily (shimmering pink), Starry (deep shimmering blue), and Verdant (shimmering green) from the Musée Beauty Impressionism Palette

Step 3. Continue stamping the eyeshadow scales on your cheeks

4.) Add Coast and Verdant to your eyes in a dramatic, blown out wing shape. Drag the eyeshadow down your nose and under the tip of your nose too.

Step 4. Add eyeshadow to your eyes and nose

5.) Using white eyeliner, outline the shimmery scales on your cheeks.

Step 5. Outline the scales in white eyeliner

6.) Using the same method as before, add more shimmering scales to other areas of your face to bring more balance to the makeup look. Add some whacky blue lashes and pat Starry on your lips for shimmering blue lips.

A mermaid using a dinglehopper to comb her hair

Accessorize with some pearl earrings and a crown because you’re now a mermaid princess! Carry around a dinglehopper (fork) to comb your hair throughout the night à la The Little Mermaid. If you decide to recreate this look, we would love to see it! Tag us with #museebeautyhalloween so we can see your creativity.

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