How To: Second Place Beauty Queen

Imagine this: a beauty pageant contestant (and total diva) prepares for months for her moment to shine… only to get second place. This look can have many stories behind it, so you can really get creative! With only a couple makeup products and some water, this look is a breeze.

Second place beauty queen

1.) Start with your base: Prime and moisturize your face to ensure an even surface for your foundation. Put concealer on any dark spots on your face or neck that you’d like to conceal. Blend out your concealer with a damp beauty sponge or blending brush. Apply foundation to your face and blend it out. Now is the time to do your brows as well!

Step 1. Base makeup

2.) Pack on Coast (shimmering blue) from the Musée Beauty Impressionism Palette to your eyelids in a round shape.

Step 2. Add a vibrant shimmering blue eyeshadow

3.) Next, add a bold dramatic wing with black liquid eyeliner. The bigger the better because the tears we add later will look unbalanced if you don’t have dramatic eye makeup. You can make the wings uneven and a little haphazard for an unraveled look.

Step 3. Bold wing

4.) Add blush- and a lot of it. Create a draped blush effect by starting on the apples of your cheeks and blending up your cheekbones.

Step 4. Blush, blush, blush!

5.) Create fake smeared mascara tears by dipping into a black eyeshadow and then spraying a small eyeshadow brush with some setting spray. With the wet eyeshadow, roll the brush underneath your eyes and let the eyeshadow-saturated setting spray drip down your face.

Step 5. Create the fake tears

6.) Use a creamy red lip liner like Renoir of Lip Sketch to line your lips and then fill them in completely.

Second place beauty queen

Be warned, you may have friends stop to ask you if you’re doing okay. This super easy and quick makeup look channels a sort of devastating chaotic energy that’s only fitting for Halloween. If you decide to recreate this look, we would love to see it! Tag us with #museebeautyhalloween so we can see your creativity.

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