How To: Creepy Cobweb Eyeliner

Been practicing your liner looks in quarantine? These intricate yet simple to do cobwebs are the perfect way to showcase your skills! This creepy cobweb cat eye shape will be sure to wow any crowd and you’ll be spooked by how easy it actually is to do! 

Editorial cobweb eyeliner look

1.) Start with a clean, primed eye and your black favorite liquid or hydra liner! Create a cat eye by drawing a liner from your outer corner up towards the tail of your brow. From there, draw a line going back in towards the inner corner of your eye, slightly curving downwards.

Step 1. Create a cat eye shape

2.) Next, start adding more and more lines following the shape of the top line! Start adding little “c” shapes facing your nose inside each section of those lines. It doesn’t have to be perfect! Real cobwebs aren’t! 

Step 2. Add more lines to the cat eye
Step 2. Add more lines to the cat eye

3.) To tie it all together, add the shade Haystacks (deep brown) from the Musée Beauty Impressionism Palette to the inner triangle of your cobwebs for a shading effect! 

Step 3. Add shading to the outside of your cobwebs

4.) Add shade Undergrowth to the inner corner for a pop of color and another spook element! Add mascara to your top and bottom lashes, dragging Undergrowth under your lash line as well. Now put on your favorite lashes to tie the look together!

Step 4. Add green eyeshadow

5.) Apply shade Pissarro of Lip Sketch and shade Cézanne of Lip Glaze to your lips to get the perfect nude glossy lip. Lashes aren’t necessary but with this look the bigger the better! You can change the lip shade or inner corner to any of the other amazing shades offered through Musée Beauty to match your outfit!

The finished editorial cobweb eyeliner look

If you decide to recreate this look, we would love to see it! Tag us with #museebeautyhalloween so we can see your creativity.

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