How To: Twiggy’s 60s Makeup Look

Makeup trends have changed throughout the decades, but nothing is quite as iconic as 60s makeup. This Twiggy-inspired makeup look makes the perfect last minute Halloween costume!

Twiggy’s 60s Makeup Look

1.) Start with your base makeup. Apply foundation and concealer using a damp beauty sponge, and fill in your brows to create nice arches.

Step 1. Base and brows

2.) Using a bold, highly pigmented blue eyeshadow like the shade Almond from the Musée Beauty Impressionism Palette, map out a crisp semicircle on each eyelid. Try to make them as even as possible, but it’s okay if your lines aren’t perfect! We’ll fix that later. You can customize your blue eyeshadow by adding a blue shimmer eyeshadow like Starry on top.

Step 2. Blue eyeshadow on the eyelids

3.) Using black eyeliner, draw a thick line on the border of the blue eyeshadow. Just follow the curve of the blue eyeshadow you laid down earlier, and stabilize your hand by resting your elbow on a flat surface.

Step 3. Black eyeliner to create the classic 60s eyeshadow look

4.) Finish off the eyes by adding fluttery false lashes and drawing little eyelashes on your bottom lash line using black liquid eyeliner. You can also add some cute freckles using the shade Manet of Musée Beauty Lip Sketch (deep brown lip liner). Dot the lip liner around the bridge of your nose and cheeks sporadically, then use a sponge to soften the dots.

Step 4. Lashes and freckles

Step 5. Complete the look by lining the lips with Degas (medium brown lip liner) in Lip Sketch adding a peachy lip gloss like Cézanne in Musée Beauty Lip Glaze.

The finished 60s makeup look

Your makeup is done! Now you can throw on a 60s mod dress and some go-go boots and hit the town! This Twiggy-inspired 60s makeup look is instantly recognizable and makes a perfect last minute Halloween costume using everyday makeup products.

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