How To: Leopard Makeup

Need a last minute Halloween costume? Look no further! With this Leopard makeup tutorial, you’ll be the fiercest at the party!

Easy leopard makeup look for Halloween

1.) Start with your base: Prime and moisturize your face to ensure an even surface for your foundation. Put concealer on any dark spots on your face or neck that you’d like to conceal. Blend out your concealer with a damp beauty sponge or blending brush. Apply foundation to your face and blend it out. Now is the time to do your brows as well!

Step 1. Base makeup

2.) Let’s finish out your face makeup! Use shade Giverny (warm tan) from the Musée Beauty Impressionism Palette on a fluffy brush and apply it as a contour- on your forehead, the hollows of your cheek, the sides of your nose.

Step 2. Contour with a warm tan shade

3.) Apply Giverny to your eyelid crease and blend it up towards your eyebrows. Then, apply shade Haystacks (cool toned deep brown) from the Impressionism Palette to your crease and blend it out into a wing. 

Step 3. Begin eyeshadow look on the eyes

4.) Pat shade Giverny onto your lid to create a cut crease.

Step 4. Cut crease eyeshadow

5.) Apply a white liner to cut the crease- create a line above the shape you created in the step above with Giverny. Flick the line out into a dramatic wing.

Step 5. Add white liner

6.) Create an elongated wing with a black eyeliner. Under your eye, create a black line following your eyes natural contour, but leave some space. At the end of the line, flick it downwards. Add a white liner in between your bottom lash line and the black line you created. 

Step 6. Black eyeliner

7.) Using shade Manet of Lip Sketch (deep brown lip liner) to create C shapes along the side of your face from above your eyebrow to your cheekbone. Make the C’s different sizes, and add some wiggles to the lines to make them look more natural. Top off your spots with black liner along the outside of the C, and eyeshadow color Haystacks in the middle of the spots. Add some smaller black irregular solid circles in between the C’s to finish out your spots.

Step 7. Add leopard print spots to your cheekbones and forehead

8.) Use shade Degas of Lip Sketch on your bottom lip, and apply a black lipstick to your top lip. Make sure to keep the colors separate!

The finished leopard makeup look

Put on some cat ears if you have them and boom, you’re a leopard! If you decide to recreate this look, we would love to see it! Tag us with #museebeautyhalloween so we can see your creativity.

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