How To: Snow Angel Makeup Look

Channel your inner angel with this soft, icy makeup look. Follow along with this easy tutorial to create the perfect last-minute Halloween costume. Finish with a halo headband and some wings to complete the angelic vibes!

1.) Start with a fresh base, including a dewy tinted moisturizer for a radiant skin-like finish and concealer to brighten up your eyes. You can add a bit of brow gel if you’d like.

Step 1. Dewy base

2.) Begin mapping out some geometric shapes on your eyelids using Starry (deep shimmering blue) from the Impressionism Palette by Musée Beauty. An easy method is to create a wing on your outer corner and add shading to your inner corner!

Step 2. Geometric shapes using a deep blue

3.) Add more dimension to the eyes using Coast (shimmering turquoise) from the Impressionism Palette.

Step 3. Add dimension with a lighter blue

4.) Continue to add dimension using Wisp (shimmering icy champagne) from the Impressionism Palette.

Step 4. Add a light champagne color

5.) Using eyelash adhesive, stick on some gemstones to add sparkle! If you’re not sure where to add the gemstones, we recommend creating a wing on your outer corner using three to four gemstones to begin.

Step 5. Gemstones to add sparkle

6.) Using any shimmery blue eyeshadow, shade the bottom of your nose, sides of your nose, and hollows of your cheekbones for a kissed-by-ice look.

Step 6. Shade the nose and cheekbones with a shimmery blue eyeshadow

7.) Finish by adding Lip Glaze in the shade Cassatt and dabbing some shimmery blue eyeshadow on top of your lips for an ethereal finish. Toss on a halo, funky lashes, and some angel wings, and you’re ready to impress!

Voilà! The finished look

If you decide to recreate this look, we would love to see it! Tag us with #museebeautyhalloween on Instagram so we can see your creativity.

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