Let’s Take a Trip

By Jayhlin Rodgers

Impression, Sunrise by Claude Monet

Let’s take a trip to another world 

A world where the flowers don’t question when to bloom 

And the birds chirp peacefully along to the earth’s harmonious tune 

A world wherein longful passing the sun shares a gentle kiss with the bashful moon

 Let’s wonder about to another universe

Where the naked eyes of hopeful beasts see the beauty in everything 

And ugly exists no longer

We’ve dreamt of this world 

A better place 

We’ve hoped for this world

A great escape

To flee to one day yonder 

Let’s escape to another life 

And forget the realities of this one\ 

With evil hearts and broken minds 

That have plagued the lives of many 

But in this alternate reality, we yearn and feed off of the truth

To make better out of the world instead of just making do 

Rest your mind and nourish your soul as we flee to this beautiful world


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